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The WHY Code - a fundamental code of knowledge

The WHY Code is a form of knowledge representation - readable by both humans and automated processes. The representation for human consumption is a type of cognitive map called a WHY Map.

The WHY Code help users:

  • Better externalise, document, and share knowledge
  • Better orchestrate an organization
  • Better search and navigate information
  • Learn faster and more effectively

The WHY Code improves on conventional text, conventional process maps, and other methods in helping users achieve the above goals. It provides simplicity and clarity. It helps avoid ambiguity and verbosity. It enables users to discriminate between those that know and those that don't. It's focused on the fundamental learning questions WHAT, HOW and WHY.

Because of it's simplicity and power, the WHY Code can act as a standard protocol for knowledge codification and sharing.

1) The WHY Code is made up of two dimensions

The horizontal dimension is used to map behavior.
It is made up of the answers to the fundamental questions WHY and HOW - these questions are opposites of each other.

The vertical dimension is used to classify actions of the same type into a hierarchy.
It is made up of the answers to the question WHAT. Behavior is inherited down this hierarchy.

The two dimensions form a matrix and each cell of the matrix sets a context.
It is a combination of these matrices that sets the specific coordinates used to interface with the world of information and applications.

The next 5 points summarize further aspects of the approach. But if you'd just like to skip to benefits, then please proceed to point 7.

2) At the center is a human action, a technology action, or an action of nature

The basic building block is an action - anything we do in our lives or at work OR any action in a naturally occurring process.

Everything in life is made up of process - the tangible things we see around us are simply the result of process actions and mapping our world this way improves understanding. It is to these actions that WHY, HOW, and WHAT are connected.

3) Knowledge can be quickly understood and replicated with high fidelity

The secret of knowledge sharing is the speed and quality of replication - for us humans and for naturally occurring processes.

The WHY Code allows us to codify knowledge so that our best knowledge can be quickly and accurately replicated.

4) WHY Maps

Actions are connected using the WHY-HOW and WHAT dimensions to create WHY Maps - components of knowledge on specific subjects

5) Logic connectives & calculations

Detailed logic between Actions is defined using the logic or arithmetic connectives (AND, OR, THEN, x, +, - and /)

6) Implementation questions


The 'implementation questions' (WHO, WHEN, WHERE) are simply special cases of the ACTION - they are not fundamental questions in the WHY Code.

The responsibility for executing an ACTION is defined by including a SUBJECT - a function (e.g. Marketing) or a system name - in the action description.

The implementation on The WHY Code website automatically parses sentences into the different SUBJECT, VERB, OBJECT components saving users the need to do so. A manual override is also available.
7) Why use the WHY Code

Life is all about understanding things and controlling them - In personal life, in business and as a global community.

People UNDERSTAND by creating and improving mind maps (conscious or unconscious). Using the WHY Code, this mind map is organized around the fundamental learning questions WHAT, HOW and WHY. When things are better understood, they can be better CONTROLLED...

The clear thinking approach of the WHY Code has been created to help people better COMMUNICATE. It focuses on the fundamental questions that need to be answered - WHAT? HOW? WHY? In today's busy world, we just do not have time to waste on longwinded communication.

It seems obvious that when we are LEARNING, our brains are internalising how to achieve a specific goal. The purpose-oriented structure of the WHY Code helps to this end. And other people's WHY Maps can be used to immediately EXECUTE a task with significantly reduced learning time.

Information from the Web or corporate web is automatically indexed into each WHY Map so that the information map (schema) is automatically 100% aligned with the knowledge (cognitive) map.

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