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Case Studies
Leading organizations and consultants around the world are turning away from conventional approaches and deploying the WHY Code because of the breakthrough results they can achieve and the simplicity with which these results can be implemented.
Reduced error rate in the billing process from 20% to 8%    more

After many failed attempts to solve this problem, a major health care provider in the USA used the WHY Code to ensure everyone understood and was aligned to the correct process (with documented evidence) at every key step within the clinical progresson of patients. This reduced errors that materially impact billing from 20% to 8%, a saving in excess of $5m per year for less than 15 days effort.

Improved productivity and reduced capital expenditure on projects by 35%    more

Following a detailed selection process, a leading global Oil & Gas company used the WHY Code to share their best practices for project management on large capital projects and automatically link the related documentation from every past and present global project. This ensured the latest and best knowledge was immediately and always available for every new and existing project world-wide. This improved productivity through the reduction of rework and by avoiding people doing the wrong thing.

Captured Knowledge for National Security 50% quicker and with greater accuracy    more

After considering the alternatives, "The WHY Code was chosen due to its ability to capture the 'Why' of a task or process - the things that are critical to sponsors of each new project. No other tool can capture this detail."

Reduced new product introduction time and cost by 50%    more

The WHY Code enabled a transportation company to understand the critical needs of their customers and greatly increase the speed at which people with little or no experience in Benchmarking were able to achieve the results akin to that of a seasoned professional.

Reduced time to capture Web System Requirements from typical 7 months down to 3 months    more

The WHY Code quickly focused requirements for a new web system on the needs of the customer - "From concept to deployment has taken us three months. My normal expectation for a project of this weight would be seven months.  A complex project has been made clear."

Eliminated 70% of retraining costs on new project start up    more

For the first time the defence agency now has a complete understanding about how each part of a project is pieced together and WHY it is important to the key stakeholders. By using the WHY Code, hard-won technical knowledge is retained in a way that it is clearly understood by all involved.

Offshoring & Near-Shoring of Bank Processes 3 to 4 times faster    more

The processes were modelled and taken up by the new workers 3 to 4 times faster than could have been achieved using conventional approaches. In the customer's own words, "For redeployment, the WHAT-HOW-WHY structure is ideal, enabling much more rapid knowledge transfer and better control compared to traditional approaches."

Eliminated 7-10 days of annual lost production at each major oil refinery    more

Through capturing and sharing Best Practice that had previously gone unrecognized, this major energy company reduced annual lost production by 7 to 10 days at each of their refineries. In the customer's own words "The WHY Code allows us to take tacit knowledge and turn it into an explicit form, making sure you've got the right step in the right order."

Alerting & Dashboards reduced time to reconcile monthly data and resolve issues from 15 days to 8 days    more

The WHY Code quickly identified the critical needs of the key stakeholders - Management is now immediately alerted to any issues that could threaten the deadline and they can quickly understand the source of the problem in the context of WHAT is being done, HOW it is being done and WHY it is important.

Met urgent need to deploy regulatory controls and self-assessments 1 month quicker than the aggressive 5 month target set by the regulators    more

By asking the external regulators and internal auditors exactly WHAT was needed an WHY, The WHY Code ensured a control environment that met their stringent needs. The WHY Code solution has been embraced by the bank, as well as the FRB and OCC.  All of the bank's Control Self Assessment and regulatory information is accessible from one easily maintainable database through a very user-friendly web based user interface.

Specified and Delivered a Critical Online Project in 1/2 of the expected time and cost    more

A Global Financial Services Institution experienced a 50% (2 month) reduction in what was considered, by GFSI, to be an unrealistic deadline of 4 months. The WHY Code enabled this by understanding and communicating a set of shared goals between the internal teams, stakeholders and vendors. And then aligning the project tasks to only those needed to achieve these goals.

400% improvement in Customer Service Response Rates    more

The WHY Code redesigned an integrated systems support process by understanding exactly WHAT was needed by the customer and WHY. "In three months, we received a 154% payback on our investment in the WHY Code, and a 400% improvement in call statistics for the speed of response and delivery of solution."